Watching Saint Seiya = Awesomeness lol!

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ANIMEOTA - I'm finally watching Saint Seiya (original) Woot!  The first thing I noticed was how gory it sometimes is! They show the blood dripping from the characters' bodies, the gory attacks and everything.

I mean, I've seen an anime character stick his hand through somebody's chest as the blood spurts out. Eeeww! LOL  But don't let that turn you off.

Chihayafuru manga to become an anime

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Readers of the Chihayafuru manga will get to watch an anime version in October.

Chihayafuru, written by Yuki Suetsugu, follows the story of the girl who plays karuta (Japanese card game) in various competitions.  Chihayafuru was chosen as Best Shoujo Manga at the 35th Annual Manga Awards last month.

Durarara on Adult Swim in June 2011

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durarara front
Fans of Durarara!! will either rejoice or recoil in fear (if the English dub isn't up to par) over the news that the series will air on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) in June.

Aniplex says the 26 episode long anime will air during their Saturday night block of programming.  If that ain't good enough for you, Adult Swim's website will stream episodes on their site after the television run.