3 Anime Conventions Begin today!

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In case you haven't noticed, 3 anime conventions began today, March 2 2007! [url=http://news.animeota.com/modules/extcal/event.php?event=34]WonderCon 2007[/url], [url=http://news.animeota.com/modules/extcal/event.php?event=35]MarsCon 2007[/url], and [url=http://news.animeota.com/modules/extcal/event.php?event=36]Naka-Kon 2007[/url] Each of these conventions are scheduled to last from March 2 through March 4 at their respective locations. After you've come back from the convention(s), and you'd like to share your experiences and eyewitness accounts with the community, send us an email! We would love to hear from you, even if it's just to say you had a great time! :jumpchibi