ADV Opens Anime Downloads Store

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ADV Opens Anime Downloads Store SEPT 27 2006 - According to the Business Wire, ADV Films has launched a Digital Download Store with about "1,000 minutes of anime" ready for download...for a price of course. If you have been checking this website, you know that ADV already provided the first episode for Guyver free of charge to watch online. Well according to this latest news, those who register now for free as a member of ADV Universe will be able to download it. Some of the anime series they have available this week include Princess Tutu, Comic Party Revolution TV, Jinki: Extend, Godannar, Gilgamesh, and Parasite Dolls. According to the press release, the quality of the downloads will be tantamount to DVD quality. So what's the catch? The main problem I see with this set up is the price. Each episode will cost you about $5.00 ($4.99). I would gladly sign up for say $1.99 an episode or $0.99 per episode would be even better. :-) For an anime series with 13 or 26 episodes, if you want to watch the entire series, you'll be out of anywhere from $65 to $130 per series. I could get 60 episodes of Saint Seiya via a DVD box set for about $80 bucks online. So we'll stay on it and tell you if they revise their pricing plan. \\ANIMEOTA// What do you think? Would you pay $4.99 for an episode of your fav show? Talk about it here: