American Mangaka wins International Manga Competition

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American Mangaka wins International Manga Competition Dec 24 2007 -/- An American woman won the Morning International Manga Competition (MIMC), a prize established by Kodansha Inc to recognize new manga artists. "rem", the name by which the winner is known, wrote Kage no Matsuri (Festival of Shadows). Kage no Matsuri ... is reported "free of dialogue" and is in the style of an old Japanese folktale. What's more interesting is that, reportedly, the author can't read or write Japanese! The November issue of Kodansha's Morning 2 magazine carried Kage no Matsuri by the 25 year old mangaka from Houston, Texas. Back in November Daily Yomiuri Online staff writer Kanta Ishida interviewed "rem" who admitted to being turned on to manga in her tweens. She remembered a friend of hers buying her a copy of the Japanese volume Ranma 1/2 as a gift. Ranma 1/2 is a hilarious story in both manga and anime form about a guy who turns into a girl when he gets wet. "I feel like you can really see the artist's hand in [Japanese] manga", "rem" told "I feel like American mangaka have not really had a place in the U.S. comic industry until very recently." Ain't that the truth! But as manga and anime both find it's way to inspire entire generations of kids in the U.S., hopefully we'll see more good stories from American artists (emphasis on the word "GOOD"). //ANIMEOTA\\ LINKS: Daily Yomiuri Online