Animage Original magazine for older fans; PiQ folds

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animage_200807.jpgAnimage Original, a new anime magazine for older anime fans, is set for launch on June 30.

Finally someone realizes all anime fans aren't 14 year old Bleach/Naruto fanatics!

Tokuma Shoten, the Japanese publisher, says the mag will be "another Animage for adults who grew up with Animage" with the first issue focusing on Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Highlander: The Search for Vengence, Macross Frontier and other anime titles.

Animage itself just celebrated it's 30th anniversary last month and is older than most of it's fanbase.

Whether the new mag aimed specifically for older anime fans is successful or not remains to be seen. Many things (not just sales) contribute to the success or demise of a magazine.

Speaking of anime magazines, PiQ -- another magazine revolving around anime -- had folded. If you remember just back in March of this year, PiQ was supposed to replace NewType USA. The company confirmed that July will be its last issue because of "a combination of low advertising revenue, poor business management, and a lack of proper marketing and promotion."

Some fans, however, say the mag just wasn't that good because it had less than interesting articles and focused a lot on live-action instead of anime.