Dojinshi fans invade Akihabara on the final day of COMIKE

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With over 500,000 people attending COMIKE, what is there to do next?

Because of the many people visiting for COMIKE, many ventured to the manga shops in Akihabara and with so many people, there were some restrictions put on how many people can enter the store.

Popular Akihabara bog Akiba Blog has detailed the frenzy at Akihabara on the final day of COMIKE.

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Otakon convention

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To walk down the streets of Baltimore during a specific weekend in the summer, you will find people in costumes of all sorts milling around the central hub of the Baltimore Convention Center.

If you know whom you're looking for, you may even find some locals among the crowd.

"(My favorite part) is all the people in costumes," Crystal Wimer, 25, of Keyser, W.Va, said, "with huge papier-mache swords and bright colors. It's like Halloween gone mad."