Ai no Kusabi 2009 remake

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av2_aiNoKusabiO. M. G. !. One of the most well known yaoi anime is set to get a makeover. Ai no Kusabi (Iason x Rikki) 2009 is set to make it's debut later this year.

If that were great enough, it's supposed to be a full 13 episode season tentatively scheduled for this fall! The original version came in the form of a two-part OVA.

A trailer for the new series is online and you watch it right now.

New anime releases March 2009

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The following is a list of new upcoming anime releases for 2009:

av1_trinitybloodChrono Crusade The Complete Collection 650 mins     $59.98     ADV Films
Yugo the Negotiator Complete Collection
325 mins     $29.98     ADV Films    
Baccano! Vol. #2 105 mins     $29.98     FUNimation Entertainment, Ltd.    
Claymore Vol. #4 100 mins     $29.98     FUNimation Entertainment, Ltd.    
Fruits Basket Box Set (Viridian Collection) 580 mins     $49.98     FUNimation Entertainment, Ltd.

Animerica: Demon warriors snapped photos of ninjas

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animerica1Demon warriors snapped photos of ninjas while cat-eared maids chatted up Buddhist monks and faceless nurses posed for the camera.

“It’s fun seeing someone dressed up as a character you like,” said Dryden, one of hundreds who attended last weekend’s Anime South convention. “You rush over and say ‘Oh, I love that character!’ — I’ve made a lot of friends that way.”