Babelgum + Gong = Free anime on your PC?

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Babelgum + Gong = Free anime on your PC? New company is offering "free broadcast-quality content on your PC anywhere, anytime." So what exactly does this have to do with anime? Well ... according to New Age Media(NAM), Babel Networks has teamed up with Gong online anime network to show "free, ad-supported" titles from Gong's library of anime! Gong has the rights to such anime as Cosmo Warrior and Ikki Tousen. Their series have a core audience of 15-24 year olds according to NAM. The CEO of Babelgum, Valerio Zingarelli, is quoted in the NAM article: "We want to ensure niche audiences are able to access their favourite content readily, easily and at no cost. Our customers will now have the opportunity to enjoy some of this modern animation first." I'm sure Babelgum's CEO will also welcome the bump in advertising and major web traffic as well. LINKS: [url=][/url] [url=]New Age Media[/url]