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Basilisk: The Spoils of War (Vol. 2) By Aaron Burkhart October 10, 2006 The second volume of “Basilisk” begins with the Iga clan at an advantage over the Kouga clan – only the Iga know the uneasy truce between the clans is over. The top 10 ninja from each clan are on a hit list to determine the next shogun, and several Kouga have already been crossed off. As the battle between clans escalates, the fighting gets more brutal, although star-crossed lovers Gennosuke and Oboro remain blissfully unaware of the fighting while they stay in the Iga compound. Many more characters are introduced – and more get crossed off the list – but this volume does an excellent job of fleshing out the members from both sides. It’s not good ninja versus bad ninja, but two warring clans that are more alike than they would ever acknowledge. When one of the main ninja from either side are killed, viewers will feel sympathetic. Read Full review: