Death Note spin-off in planning stages

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[gallery]1011[/gallery] EEEE!!! For every fan of the incredible anime and manga series Death Note, there's good news! According to [url=][/url] and translations by Anime News Network, there is a spinoff in the works featuring everybody's fav character: "L" . According to published reports, two Death Note feature films have already grossed more than $60 million in Japan. That's a huge accomplishment. Though I haven't finished watching the original Death Note series just yet, it is quite intriguing; almost nail-biting to a certain extent because you can easily find yourself I am. :P As I posted earlier, I am totally hooked on this series. Light has a huge "God-complex". His initial intention was to make the world better by getting rid of the criminal element in society after he found the Death Note book. However, as in any situation, absolute power corrupts absolutely. And Light has the ultimate power: the power to kill someone just by knowing their face and their name, and writing their name inside the Death Note book. Pretty soon, he finds himself spending time trying not to get caught and considering eliminating innocent people who are trying to catch him. One of those people is "L". "L" is an incredibly gifted and eccentric investigator who is called in by the NPA to help solve the case of these mysterious murders. What do you think about it?