Death Note UK Debut

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Death Note UK Debut

Oct 16 2007 -/- The hot news out of A.N.N. is the movies Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name will be screened in the U.K. on Nov 10 and Nov 11 at the Leeds International Film Festival.<hr id="system-readmore" />Death note is an extraordinary work now in many forms -- manga, anime and movies -- created by Tsugumi Ooba and Takeshi Obata.

If you haven't heard of it yet, then you must be new here. It is simply one of, if not, the best psychological/horror/mystery anime series I have ever seen.

To condense the story a bit, it's about honor student and wunderkind Light Yagami who finds a "Death Note" notebook... along with a huge God-complex. The person whose name is written in the notebook will die.

'Sounds cheesy', you say? Heck no! You have got to see the way the story unfolds and how brilliant the creator of both the manga and the anime have laid out the story.

Anyway, Light gains the power to decide who lives and who dies. He first doles out justice to those who have committed heinous crimes to Japan's citizens. But with that kind of ultimate power, how can one not be corrupted? The only snag in his plan is he didn't actually count on there being people smart or brave enough to challenge his authority by hunting him down in a massive effort to stop his reign of revenge/terror.

The ringleader of those seeking justice is the mysterious and uniquely eccentric L, whose blood sugar levels must be off the charts. Huge sweet tooth aside, L is just as brilliant as Light. Their sense of morality, however, are like night and day.

I have not seen the movie adaptations to be shown at the Leeds festival, though.

Death Note (Desu Nôto) is scheduled for Nov 10 at 9PM while it's follow-up, Death Note: The Last Name, is on the Leeds schedule for Nov 11 and 1PM local U.K. time. Both showings are to be held at the Hyde Park Picture House.

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