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Blood + anime info.
(Blood plus)

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Horror, Military, Mystery, Supernatural

Online info:
Blood+ is an anime series, produced by Production I.G and Sony's anime production arm, Aniplex, and is a continuation on the 2000 animated film, Blood: The Last Vampire.[1]

It premiered in Japan across Sony's anime satellite television network, Animax, as well as terrestrial networks such as MBS, TBS, RKB, and others from October 8, 2005, to September 23, 2006. The series is available as internet high resolution streaming video provided by AII.co.jp for Japanese internet users on a subscription basis.

Blood+ is set decades after the events of Blood: The Last Vampire. Under the care of her adoptive family, Saya Otonashi has been living the life of an anemic and amnesiac, but otherwise ordinary schoolgirl.

Saya’s happy life is shattered when she is attacked by a chiroptera, and learns that she is the only one who can defeat them. Armed with her sword, Saya embarks on a journey with her family, allies and faithful servant, Haji, to rid the world of Chiroptera and rediscover her identity.

The series is initially set in present day (September 2005) Okinawa City (Koza), on Okinawa Island, near the US Kadena Air Base. In the course of the series, Saya visits locales across the world, while fighting enemy chiropterans and searching for her origins.

Saya's Friends and Family

The series revolves around Saya Otonashi, a seemingly ordinary high school student who lives with her adopted family and secretly guarded by her Chevalier, Hagi (Haji in the English translation). Her adopted father, George Miyagusuku, is a veteran of the Vietnam War and was entrusted with Saya by David's father.

Her elder brother, Kai Miyagusuku, is a star athlete, while her younger brother, Riku Miyagusuku, is a kind and smart boy who loves to cook.

Red Shield (Goldschmidts)

An organization formed to combat the Chiroptera, the Red Shield was founded by the descendants of Joel Goldschmidt, the man who originally found Saya and Diva and unleashed the Chiropteran menace into the world. Most Red Shield members are culled from survivors of Chiroptera attacks, and all possess a trinket with an embedded Chiropteran crystal. The Red Shield's greatest enemy is Diva, and are responsible for Saya's protection and well-being.

Cinq Flèches Group (Goldsmiths)

The Goldsmiths are a branch of the Goldschmidt family dedicated to protecting Diva; all their family members are Diva's Chevaliers. They control the Cinq Flèches Group, a powerful and influential conglomerate, with the ultimate goal of creating a world of Chiroptera for Diva's future. The family crest of five arrows (Cinq Flèches) and the names of the brothers are modelled after the family of Mayer Amschel Rothschild. One member of the Goldsmith family, Solomon, seems to break ties with Diva, being the only Chevalier to ever do so.

The Schiff (Shifu, Sif)

An unstable balance between Chevaliers and Chiropterans, they are prototypes for the Corpse Corps, pseudo-Chevalier soldiers created by a group of scientists led by Boris under the sponsorship of Amshel Goldsmith in Khirbet--most likely based on Khirbet Beit Lei in Israel.

Although they have similar regenerative abilities, the Schiff will eventually die from an attribute they call the “Thorn”--whereby their bodies gradually crystalize. As imperfect beings, the Schiff must avoid direct contact to sunlight otherwise their bodies will combust in a green flame.

Unable to attain Diva’s blood (the only supposed cure for the “Thorn”), they gradually die off; Lulu is the last Schiff that survives by the end of the series.