• Case Closed
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Case Closed
Case Closed
Main: Jimmy Kudo, Conan, Rachel Moore
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Police, Shounen

Online info:
A junior at Titan High School, Jimmy Kudo is no ordinary teenager. Jimmy has developed a celebrity status as a world-class detective, solving crimes that leave the city's top law enforcement officials stumped and the nation cheering.
One day, while at an amusement park with his girlfriend, Rachel Moore, Jimmy unwittingly finds himself at the scene of a sinister crime. Undaunted by the severity of the situation, Jimmy employs his keen deductive powers to skillfully locate the trail of the suspects.

However, just as Jimmy stands poised to solve the case, he is captured by two members of a mysterious organization that operate under the darkest veil of corruption. In an effort to permanently silence the young detective, these shadowy men force Jimmy to drink a newly developed poison. One that "can't be detected in an autopsy".

Miraculously, Jimmy escapes death, only to find that the toxin has reduced his 17-year-old body to the size of a 2nd grader! Distraught about his pint-sized appearance, Jimmy resolves to discover the whereabouts of these evil perpetrators.

He enlists the help of his eccentric neighbor, a scientist and an inventor named Dr. Agasa. Dr. Agasa's first suggestion is that Jimmy keep his identity secret, even from his girlfriend Rachel, fearing that if anyone found out, the dangerous killers would certainly come back.

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