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Garasu no Kantai
Garasu no Kantai anime info.
(Glass Fleet)
Genres: Adventure, Science Fiction
My Comments:
Garasu no Kantai (Glass Fleet) provides enough action to be interesting, but is by no means a shallow 'bang-your-head-against-the-wall-because-of-all-the-fighting'. It actually has a storyline.

There is an interesting connection between Vetti and Michel. Vetti seems to be totally obsessed with Michel, and had once fought and injured him apparently. What Vetti wants most is to conquer the universe….literally…and to have Michel rule with him by his side.

I haven't finished the series though. But I'm totally into it.

Online info:
The People's Army led by Michel stands against Vetti's newly founded empire. Upon seeing how strong the Glass Battleship is, Michel tries to get Cleo, the captain of the Glass Battleship, to help People's Army overthrow Vetti's empire. And together they fight against Vetti's empire.




Other Names

  • Glass Fleet