• Get Backers
  • Released: 2002
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Get Backers
Get Backers
Main: Midou Ban, Gingi, Kazuki, Shido, Himiko, Akabane
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural
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Get Backers [Japanese: Gettobakkāzu Dakkan'ya] is a manga series written by Yuya Aoki and illustrated by Rando Ayamine. It is published by Kodansha in Japan and serialized in Shonen Magazine. The series has lasted for 36 volumes.

In 2002, the series was adapted into an anime series, produced by Studio DEEN, which aired from 2002 to 2003 and ran for 49 episodes. It was broadcast by the anime television network, Animax.

The manga tells the story of a pair known as the GetBackers, consisting of Ban Mido and Ginji Amano. The duo reside in one of the seedier areas of Shinjuku in Tokyo, and are often broke and resort to sleeping in their car.

Ban and Ginji operate a freelance repossession service or dakkanya (奪還屋). For a fee, they will recover any lost or stolen item for a client. The two boast an "almost 100% success rate" (100% in the anime)

Ban and Ginji are not ordinary human beings. They each possess mysterious abilities which they use to carry out their many recovery missions.

Ban's powers include the "Snakebite", a skill which gives his hands a grip of 200 kilograms-force, and the "Evil Eye" ("Jagan", 邪眼, a Japanese term roughly meaning "evil eye"), an ability to induce minute-long hallucinations of Ban's choosing in whomever he makes direct eye contact with.

However, this ability cannot be used on the same person twice in a 24-hour period, and he has to rest between uses. The Evil Eye can also only be used three times in one day.

Ginji, on the other hand, can generate enormous amounts of electric energy in his body for tasks such as attacking opponents, or overloading electronic systems; this has earned him the moniker of "Raitei" (雷帝, a Japanese term variously translated as "Thunder Emperor", or "Lightning Lord").

Ban Midou
Ginji Amano
Kadzuki Fuuchuoin
Shido Fuyuki
Himiko Kudou (Lady Poison)
Kuroudo Akapane (Dr. Jackal)
Natsumi Mizuki
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