• Gintama
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Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Science Fiction, Shounen

My comments:
It has a large comedic aspect to it.  It's funny is so many ways. Like a lot of anime, this one is hilarious!
Online info:
Gintama is a manga created by Hideaki Sorachi. The story takes place in Tokyo, Japan, which has been taken over by aliens called Amanto since the late Edo period. The samurai of Japan have fallen, and the Amanto placed a ban on carrying swords in public.
The story focuses on an eccentric samurai with a natural perm, Sakata Gintoki, his (partial) apprentice Shimura Shinpachi, and a teenage alien girl: Kagura. All three are "freelancers" who search for work in order to pay the monthly rent, which usually goes unpaid anyway.

The story is a humorous tale, one that uses puns to deliver jokes and pictures to enhance the jokes.

Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki is the main character of the story. He has natually curly hair and that becomes on the punchlines in the series. He blames his hair on his non-existent love-life. He rides a motoscooter and wields a bokuto from Lake Toya.

Shimura Shinpachi
Shinpachi works under Gintoki to learn the ways of the samurai. However it seems more like he's just trying to help Gintoki pay the rent than to learn. Shinpachi is the captain of the "Otsū-chan's Imperial Guard," a pop-singer's fan club.

Shinpachi first met Gintoki after he was tripped by an alien ambassador. Gintoki beats up the ambassador and his guards, not to stand up for Shinpachi but to get revenge for his spilled parfait. Soon after, Gintoki framed Shinpachi for the crime, which somehow led to him saving Shimura Tae (Otae), Shinpachi's sister, from being added to a brothel.

Kagura is an alien from the "Yato Clan," one of the strongest races in existence. She is a cute fourteen year-old girl in Chinese clothes. Despite her alien heritage, she looks like a normal human and talks with a Chinese accent. She can stop Gintoki's motorscooter single-handedly and has an umbrella that is bullet-proof and can fire bullets from the tip. Her stomach knows no bounds and she apparently loves to eat sukonbu.