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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
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Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Shounen, Supernatural

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険, Jojo no kimyōna bōken?, alternatively translated as JoJo's Venture) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. It is famous for its original art style (complete with over-the-top violence), intricate plot, and numerous Western rock music references.

The story begins in Victorian England with young Jonathan Joestar living at his father George's wealthy estate. Another young man, Dio Brando, is adopted by them having recently lost his father, Dario Brando, who once saved Lord Joestar from an accident.

In truth, Dario did not attempt to save him at all, but merely happened to be present when the near-fatal accident took place. Worse still, he had attempted to take advantage of the situation by stealing Lord Joestar's belongings.

Jonathan tries to befriend him but Dio's plan is to achieve wealth and power by any means necessary. Hoping to drive Jonathan mad, Dio acts like a perfect gentleman around his adoptive father Lord Joestar but is physically and psychologically abusive to Jonathan whenever possible.

It is also a manga series.




Episode list:
Adventure 1: The Evil Spirit

Jotaro Kujo refuses to leave his jail cell, believing that he is possessed by an evil spirit (later revealed to be a "Stand"). When Jotaro's mother, Holley, his grandfather Joseph and the mysterious Avdol come to try to coax him out, a battle erupts between two Stands—Jotaro's "Star Platinum" and Avdol's "Magician's Red."

Adventure 2: Hierophant Green
Jotaro learns the secret of his Stand power and about his family's enemy, the vampire Dio. Later, Jotaro is attacked by “Hierophant Green,” an enemy Stand controlled by Dio's assassin, Noriaki Kakyoin who is under Dio's control. When Holley falls into a Stand-induced coma, Joseph, Jotaro and the others embark on a dangerous journey to Egypt to save her life and end the 100-year battle between Dio and the Joestar family!

Adventure 3: Silver Chariot and Strength
When the private jet carrying Jotaro and his companions to Egypt suddenly bursts into flames, the plane is forced to land in the ocean. As the party drifts in a lifeboat, a large freighter pulls alongside and they climb aboard. To their shock, there is no crew to be found—and the only passengers left aboard are an Orangutan and enemy Stand user Jean-Pierre Polnareff.

Adventure 4: The Emperor and the Hanged Man
At a stopover on the way to Egypt, Polnareff is attacked by "The Hanged Man," an enemy Stand who has two right hands and can only be seen in reflections.

Realizing that it must be controlled is the same Stand user that killed his younger sister, Polnareff breaks away from the rest of the group to seek his revenge. Polnareff is lured into a trap set by The Hanged Man and his partner, Hol Horse. When some of the party come to his aid, one is killed by Hol Horse's Stand, "The Emperor."

Adventure 5: The Judgement
Kakyoin and Polnareff desperately seek a way to defeat The Hanged Man, who can strike out at them from "the world inside the mirror" while remaining invulnerable to their attacks. How can they hope to defeat an enemy who can move at nearly the speed of light and attack from almost any direction?

Adventure 6: The Mist of Vengeance
A thick fog envelopes the group as they travel towards Egypt, so they seek refuge in a nearby town. There, the companions stumble across a strangely mutilated dead body lying on a street corner.

An old woman arrives on the scene with the police, and offers to let them stay at her hotel for the night. In the hotel bar, Polnareff encounters N-Yah, a beautiful and mysterious young woman on a deadly quest of her own.

Adventure 7: Justice
Polnareff becomes a living puppet under the control of N-Yah and her incredible Mist of Death Stand, "Justice." The group battles its way out of the hotel, only to find themselves surrounded by legions of the dead. All seems lost when Jotaro falls prey to a bizarre sneak attack, leaving him vulnerable to N-Yah's control as well.

Adventure 8: Iggy the Fool and N'Dool the GEB (Pt. I)
Jotaro and his companions finally reach Egypt. There, they are met by a Speedwagon Foundation helicopter that delivers a new addition to their group—the mysterious Iggy "The Fool."

When the helicopter crashes just a short time later, the group investigates, only to find themselves pitted against another of Dio's assassins—N'Dul and his deadly Stand, "God Geb." After they finish the battle, Iggy a dog comes out of the helicopter and presents his stand The Fool.

Polenerff begins to dislike the dog and Iggy jumps on his face and begins to eat his hair. The helicopter pilot mentions that Iggy likes human hair.

Adventure 9: Iggy the Fool and N'Dool the GEB (Pt. II)
Jotaro and the others find themselves stranded and at the mercy of N'Dool's incredibly strong and mercurial Stand, "God Geb." Faced with almost certain death, Jotaro makes a desperate gambit and forces Iggi to help him strike back at N'Dool, but Iggi has other plans. He betrays Jotaro at a critical moment, offering him to "God Geb" in order to save his own life.

Adventure 10: D'Arby the Gambler
The companions search the huge Egyptian capital of Cairo, showing everyone they meet the photo of a mysterious building where they think Dio resides.

In an odd cafe, they encounter a gambler named D'Arby who claims to have the information they need. The catch is, they have to beat him in the ultimate wager—one where their very souls are at stake! Can the Joestar party outwit a master gambler at his own game?

Adventure 11: The Warrior of the Void: Iced
Jotaro and his companions finally arrive at Dio's lair and find their way to the room where his coffin resides. Just as they prepare to strike the fatal blow, Dio's mysterious Stand powers, coupled with that of his finest assassin, Iced, slay one of the party before the group's horrified eyes. But even that doesn't quench Dio's thirst for blood...

Adventure 12: Kakyoin - Duel in the Barrier
Dio pursues Joseph through the streets of Cairo, leaving an incredible swath of death and destruction in his wake. Another of the companions comes to Joseph's aid, only to be crushed by the power of Dio's Stand, "The World." As the shattered hero lies alone and dying, he realizes in the last moments of life the true nature of Dio's Stand...but can he warn the others before it's too late?

Adventure 13: Farewell, My Friends
The century-old blood feud finally comes to a close in the final battle between Jotaro and Dio. "The World" seems invincible as Jotaro is struck time and again with murderous blows.

If Jotaro cannot discover the secret of Dio's Stand and find some way to counter it, the Joestar line will come to an abrupt and bloody end. When he finds the weak spot to Dio's stand The World, he makes his final attack and finshes him. After the battle, Holly recovers from the coma and awaits Jotaro and his friends in Japan.