• Jyu Oh Sei
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Jyu Oh Sei Jyu Oh Sei anime info.
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Military, Mystery, Science Fiction, Shoujo

Online info:
In 2436 AD, 350 years since humans had terraformed the Balkan Star System located 150 lights years from earth, 2 young twins Thor and Rai living on the space station Space Colony Juno one day arrived at home, and discovered that their parents were murdered.

For unexplained reasons, they were kidnapped and sent to exile on an uncharted planet named Chimera, also known as the "Planet of the Beast King" (Jyu Oh Sei).

Separated from his brother Rai, who was swallowed by a large canivorous plant in the ground, Thor must fight for his survival in this harsh world, infested with giant carnivorous plants and populated by outcasts (and criminals) from across the galaxy.