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Kyo Kara MaouKyo Kara Maou
Main: Yuri, Gwendel,
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shoujo

My comments:
This is a great series. It starts off hilariously when the main character, Yuuri, gets into a confrontation with a bunch of guys who were picking on another kid. He finds himself in the bathroom about to have his head dunked in the toilet, when he is literally flused to another world....I'm not kidding!


Its a great series with a lot of mysteries and adventures. What's also funny is that Yuuri finds himself engaged to a proud guy (who could use a little anger management) by accident named Wolfram, based on some rather ridiculous rituals and customs of new Makoku.

Online info:
Upon trying to save a friend from bullies, Shibuya Yuuri finds his head in the unlikeliest of places -- the toilet. Like a flash, Yuuri is then inadvertently sucked in, transporting him somewhere else! In this unfamiliar world of flying skeletons and magic, he is informed by a group called the Mazoku that he is to be the next Maou -- ruler of the kingdom! With harrowing and embarassing situations ahead, can our hero swallow his pride and lead a war against the common people when he can't even tell the difference between a slap in the face and a marriage proposal?

source: http://www.anime-planet.com/animerec/620.html