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Saint Beast
Saint Beast
Genre: angelic, fantasy, shades of shounen-ai

Online info:
Saint Beast (セイント・ビースト) is a fictional Japanese action/fantasy story created by Arisugawa Kei centering around gods, guardian angels, animal spirits, and magic.

Saint Beast is originally a CD drama centering on the lives of the six Holy Beasts, and their attraction to one another.

The seal which was imprisoning the fallen angels, Kirin no Yuda and Houou no Ruka, is broken and the two decide to get revenge on the God who had cast them to Hell by getting rid of the Heavens that had once been their home. 
Soon the guardian angels on Earth begin disappearing, and no one in Heaven can explain the happenings. But there is a sense of a vengeful animal spirit at work, and so the four Saint Beasts are called upon to investigate.

Episode List

Episode Guide
"Descend On The Surface"
The four Saint Beasts are called for by the goddess where they learn that guardian angels on Earth are disappearing. They are asked to find out what is going on. Just as the start to descend to Earth Seiji-sama (a wiseman) gives each of them a magical weapon. After they descend they run into Natsuki and Gou fights with her. The Saint Beasts learn that she and possibly the other missing guardian angels are being controlled. Natsuki dies after completing a withdrawal technique.

"Ill-Tempered Angel"
Gou is personally asked by the goddess to deal with a some Wandering Angels that could be found in a haunted mansion on Earth. While there he discovers Maya of Wind; one of the Wandering Angels. Maya of the Wind is trying to convince two young girls, Iria and Sara, to move on to the after life. The two girls are certain that they are very much alive. With the help of Gai and the girls' mother Maya is able to convince the girls that they are dead and they finally move on. We then meet Kira of Shooting Star, Maya's brother.

"Unforgivable Desire"
While looking in her magical mirror the Goddess sees Hiro of the Hawk. She is worried because the once pure and kindhearted man suddenly has a revelation of darkness. In a cave called the Land of Revival, Hiro of the Hawk is offered the chance to get his heart's desire by Yuda. Hiro agrees to destroy the Saint Beasts if only to be able to fly in the sky again. Hiro and Rei fight and Hiro is killed.

"Treachery Of The Fallen Angels"
While Gou and Rei are off resealing the Land of Revival Gai and Maya decide to go to a local store to but some food. There they run into Banbi no Mio and Rio, guardian angels and sisters. After Mio and Rio leave the store Rio disappears and Gai and Maya try to help Mio find her sister. Only they are attacked by the now controlled Rio are unable to defend themselves in fear of killing Rio. They call for Shin to manipulate time and revert Rio back to what she once was.

"Guardian Angel's Trap!"
Maya and Kira find out about everyone's suspicion about Yuda being behind the attacks and leave to find proof against this. The Goddess, Pinky, Tanami, Ayumi, and Tsubasa then come to visit the Saint Beasts and invite them to join them at the Full Moon Festival where guardian angels gather. While off training alone Shin is then tricked and nearly killed by Shiva who is disguised as Ayumi. Yuda shows up and is pissed at Shiva for attacking Shin and attacks and gets rid of Shiva for doing so. Yuda and Ruka then show up at the Full Moon Festival and ask the guardian angels there to join them.

"For Whose Sake..."
Maya and Kira learn hear from Ayumi that Yuda might really have been released from hell and the three of them run to the Full Moon Festival where they are trapped along with the other guardian angels to fall into hell. The Saint Beasts show up and try to save them but they too are soon falling into hell right along with them. Thanks to a bottle filled with liquid from Spring of Life given to Maya and Kira from Yuda the group manages to escape from hell and return to the surface. The four Saint Beasts decide that they are going to try to fight Ruka and Yuda even if they don't want to.