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Sousei no Aquarion Sousei no Aquarion

Main: Apollonius, Selian, Sirius, Baron, Toma
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mecha, Romance, Science Fiction

My comments:
Great anime! It's on ANIMEOTA's list of recommended anime series. It is interesting and funny in certain parts, while heartbreaking in other parts (BARRON!!!!). But it's intriguing because of the relationship between the characters.







Ok, if you're still here: Apollo is discovered to be the reincarnation of Apollonious (The Solar Wing), an angel who use to rage against the "wingless ones" (humans). But he fell in love with Selian and "betrayed" the Shadow Angels because of it. She has been reincarnated as Silvia in the current time.

Apollonius and Selian lived 12,000 years ago.

So now in the present, the two characters, Apollo (reincarnation of Apollonius) and Silvia (reincarnation of Selian), both fight against the Shadow Angels to keep them from harvesting humans for their "prana".

Apollo, in his current form, is called a "beast" because of his mannerisms. He and his best friend, Baron, grew up on the streets. So he's quite a contrast to Silvia and Silvia's brother, Sirius. Both Silvia and Sirius can't stand him at first.

Sirius at first thinks he himself is the reincarnation of the Solar Wing (Apollonius). But he isn't. And he gets a jealous of Apollo. He doesn't think Apollo is worthy.

There is another interesting character, Toma, who loved Apollonius in his former life. Toma was kept alive in a see-through box until he could be revived.

Toma really wants Apollonius and in one of the episodes, we get to see the backstory of Toma's and Apollonius's past.

It may be just me, but Toma seems jealous that Apollonius fell in love with a human woman 12,000 years ago. At one point, when they were showing what happened in the past, Toma threatens to protect the human woman if only Apollonius would come back to his side.

Online info:
Genesis of Aquarion  is an anime series of 26 episodes created by Shoji Kawamori. It aired from April 4th, 2005 to September 26, 2005 on TV Tokyo.

Eleven years before the start of the series, a disaster only referred to as the "Great Catastrophe" destroyed significant parts of the world and killed off many of its inhabitants. Along with that disaster came the appearance of the "Shadow Angels", a winged humanoid species, which seems to have been in slumber for twelve thousand years.

These beings harvest the humans on Earth, which they call the "wingless ones", like cattle, as to extract their prana (life force) from them, which serves as energy and nutrition to the Shadow Angels.

The Shadow Angels facilitate their harvesting via giant, floating harvesting machines which are guarded by giant golem-like creatures, the "Cherubim Soldiers". How these are normally piloted is unknown, yet there are times when they are piloted by Shadow Angels.

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