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Trinity Blood Trinity Blood
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Shoujo, Supernatural

Online info:
Abel Nightroad (Krusnik)
Voiced by: Hiroki Touchi (Japanese), Troy Baker (English)

Abel Nightroad (Krusnik) is a Catholic priest who seems to be nothing more than a clumsy, absent-minded fool on the surface. Actually, he is a Crusnik: a vampire of extreme, extraordinary power.
He's an ancient being, hundreds of years old. Abel is a vampire that feeds the blood of vampires. But despite his strength, he adheres to a principle of pacifism and often refuses to outright kill his opponents. Abel is shown in flashbacks to have a hatred for humanity, but at some point that changes into his current pacifistic and peaceful outlook on life. 

He acknowledges having greatly sinned at some point in his life, though it is unclear as to what sin he committed, and much of his current personality is based on retribution for his sins.

Abel has at one point referred to his Crusnik form as "a mark of his sins", though it is unknown what he meant by that. He has feelings towards Esther Blanchett, though they are more related to her similarities with a woman from his past.

In his human form he fights with a gun that shoots silver bullets. As a Crusnik, is able to transform into various forms based on the amount of nanomachines in his body that he activates.

In his higher forms he wields a huge scythe materialized from his own blood. In The Star Of Sorrow II, it is revealed that pre-armageddon, Nightroad was a Lieutenant Colonel in the UN Air Force.

The series takes place an indeterminate time in the future, 900 years after an apocalyptic war destroyed civilization, but after humanity reestablished itself.

In this future world, the Roman Catholic Church has become a major military power. Their goals include the protection of humanity against the vampiric Methuselahs who are preying upon mankind (or "Terrans" as they call humans).

The seat of power is the Vatican, an attractive place with traditional European architecture; it is likely the same Vatican city in the real world (albeit perhaps rebuilt following the previous war).

The Methuselahs are themselves another major political and military force. Their capital of Byzantium (presumably built on the site of the real world's Byzantium, now Istanbul) appears as an elegant metropolis, surrounded by a field of particles which filters out UV radiation thus protecting the Methuselah population. Both sides in this conflict are in a barely contained cold war against each other.