Is 'BL' anime more complex than regular anime?

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There was a topic on another forum where one of the members asked what the attraction was to anime male characters who are "angsty". But the member listed characters from shows that could be considered '[url=]shonen-ai'[/url] I began thinking about whether or not its the emotional pull between the two characters (male characters) which so many girls and women are attracted to, or whether it's simply because of the care that's taken in writing the storylines of these anime series by the writers. I personally am attracted to the drama of the characters (especially male characters) which make up a story. I do like guys who don't know everything. I like to see guys who have hurdles to overcome; not always sure how they would react given a situation. And no I don't think that makes them lesser men either. Now, what some people are referring to when they talk about angsty male characters involves characters who are possibly in guy-guy relationships. So what they seem to be confused about is why some women like watching guys in anime with an obvious set homosexual or bisexual tendancy in their personalities. Well, I think it's partially for the same reasons as most guys like seeing two women together. There is some lust involved, and wrapped up in a whole lot of emotion because the situations can be so hopeless sometimes; especially if one of the guys is just coming to realize their true feelings for another guy. OR if they haven't yet come to notice it. The relationship part of the storylines are simply more complex than some of the other anime, a lot of which deal with some big boobed girl in a too-short skirt going ga-ga over some guy. And in a sense, an anime series like Gravitation is revenge for the endless amounts of anime with a girl losing her mind over a guy, and letting it interfere with everything she's doing. In Gravitation, it's a guy who's acting the part of the hopeless/hopeful character that jumps up and down at the very thought of being with the one he loves. It's a guy who is shooting around the room like a rocket when the guy he likes says something insensitive. :lol: And so, though there are a lot of dimensions to all kinds of anime series, it's the inherent complexity found in stories between two guys that seem to draw the attention of some many girls and women. What do you think? Discuss it here: