Japanese Anime Fans Gain Economic Power

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By Catherine Makino Tokyo 17 January 2007 Fanatical followers of Japanese comic books and cartoon animations have become an economic force in Japan. These so-called otaku are spending more than $2 billion a year on their obsessions, as Catherine Makino reports from Tokyo. Otaku are obsessive fans of comic books, called manga, and cartoon animations, called anime. Japan's biggest-selling manga comic, "Shonen Jump," sells millions of copies each week. In Tokyo's Akihabara district , packs of otaku in their 20s and 30s spend hours in nondescript buildings shopping for anime, comics, DVDs, games and action figurines. Akihabara also holds major events such as the Comic Market, a twice-yearly event where more than a quarter of a million otaku come to buy and sell self-published comic books. Sandra Shoji is an instructor of humanities at Toyo Gakuen, a Tokyo university, and has studied the otaku phenomenon. "They represent the new recreational majority among young people," she says. "They're very much into anime, or animated films, they're inspired by comic books, and they seem to have problems watching anything over the length of about 15 minutes." READ FULL ARTICLE: [url=http://forum.animeota.com/index.php?topic=306.0]Japanese Anime Fans Gain Economic Power[/url]