Mar 17- Hot Discussions at Anime and Manga forums around the Net

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[b]Mar 17- Hot Discussions at Anime and Manga forums around the Net[/b] March 17 2007 – Of course you all know you can always post and discuss your fav anime and manga topics at the ANIMEOTA board. Some of the latest topics include “Prince of Tennis: Best screenshots taken out of context”, “Hilarious Screenshots from all over #2”, “Pleasant surprises: James 'Naoe' Lyon and Kirby 'Miroku' Morrow” and “Air Gear: Best Screenshots taken out of context” However, we are far from the only game in town. :P Here’s some information about the hottest and latest discussions at a few select anime and manga forums around the net! Some of the hottest (latest) discussions over at include such topics as “Whose name would you write in a Death Note?”, “You know you watch too much anime when...”, “Will Inuyasha be resurrected?” and a poll “(Naruto manga) Sasuke Vs. Orochimaru outcome”. Over at AnimeNation’s forum, the latest discussions include “Kanon 2006”, “Anyone watched 'Requiem From The Darkness'?”, “Whats you're Anime fetish?”, “Whats the most confusing animes you've seen?”, and “Looking for Romantic and Cute anime” At, the latest discussions in the series specific section include “Who is hotter, Inoue or Rukia?”, “Raven Introduces Ichigo's Crazy Eroticness”, “Death Note Club”, “A conundrum - Is Light good or bad?”, and “Prince of Tennis vs Slam Dunk vs Eyeshield 21 vs Battle Athletes” And over at the forum, the hot topics include “Conventions You've gone to, or plan to”, “[Poll] Bleach or Naruto?”, “WITHOUT describing, Favorite Hentai series?”, and “Black Cat”. //ANIMEOTA\\