RightStuf to Show Emma, Maria at Anime Expo

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Anime Expo starts July 3 in Los Angeles. On the 2nd day of the convention, according to reports, RightStuf's president will participate in an discussion panel involving the industry.

The president, CEO Shawne Kleckner, is expected to talk about the upcoming release of Emma: A Victorian Romance, the Season 1 DVD of Maria Watches Over Us and Aria the Animation.

Lucky fans at the convention will get to see Boys Be, Ninja Nonsense as well as Emma: A Victorian Romance and Maria Watches Over Us. Other titles are also set to be screen by RightStuf.

AnimeExpo runs from July 3 - 6. Scheduled guests include Toshihiko Seki, voice actor for such anime as Mirage of Blaze (Takaya), Saiyuki (Genjo Sanzo), Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Duo Maxwell), Angelique (Luva), Ranma 1/2 Netto-hen (Mousse), and Naruto (Iruka).

Character designer Akemi Takada (Mobile Police Patlabor, Creamy Mami, Urusei Yatsura) and voice actor David Hayter (Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play, Guyver Dark Hero, Moldiver) are also set to appear.

Other guest set to show are Jyukai (musicians), Masahiro Ando (director/producer), Masamitsu Hidaka (director), Shoko Nakagawa (voice actor/illustrator/musician), and Hiromi Kato (animator).


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