VIZ has Big Plans for 2007

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[b]VIZ has Big Plans for 2007[/b] Feb 27 2007 – [url=][/url] has new information about the VIZ juggernaut. VIZ, who’s given the U.S. Naruto, Shonen Jump home video, and Toonami Jetstream has announced big plans for 2007. [gallery]1019[/gallery] Probably the most intriguing aspect involves the enormously popular anime series Death Note. Death Note is one of my favorite anime series to date. The only reason it’s not on the list yet of ANIMEOTA recommended anime series is because I haven’t finished it yet. Earlier this year, VIZ announced they were going to license the series for download even before it has finished its first airing on Japan television. [url=]AnimeNewsNetwork[/url] reported that the episodes will be available for both ‘Download to Own’ and ‘Download to rent’ formats. Death Note is clearly one of the most psychologically, mentally and morally challenging series every created. Every once in a while a series comes along and totally changes the way many people view what anime is. Death Note is one of those types of stories. Also on VIZ’s docket is the release of Naruto [url=]OVAs[/url] and a theatrical movie. The OVA, called The Lost Story, is schedule to be available May 22 2007. [gallery]358[/gallery]While you’re getting your Naruto fix, VIZ is also getting into their Shonen Jump series with [url=]The Prince of Tennis[/url] box set coming out in April 2007. Prince of Tennis is an ANIMEOTA recommended anime series and is currently being shown (or being butchered depending on your point of view) on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. //ANIMEOTA\\