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[b]VIZ offering Death Note downloads[/b] As if you needed more proof about how outrageously popular the thriller and mystery anime Death Note is, starting May 10 VIZ will make the series available for download. And the series is still being aired in Japan! Normally, anime series make their first run on Japanese television, then... they are licensed by other companies for distribution. VIZ has licensed the U.S. rights to the series beating out other companies which may have been caught off guard by VIZ's quick thinking. The series will be available through "Direct2Drive" which is IGN Entertainment's digital store. Death Note is hot for a reason. Many have said it is simply one of the best put together anime series they have ever seen. It is almost like a long form movie instead of what some people stereotype 'anime' as. It has it's fair share of mystery, drama, and suspense without being too corny or cheesy. It's quite easy to get hooked on. Death Note is complex. On one hand you have a secretively devious Yagami Light who his huge 'God-complex'. On the other hand, you have the traditional police force in current day Japan that are trying to figure out and stop a mysterious killer. Light has become all-powerful. He, through either fate or total happenstance, has gained the power to kill anyone just by knowing their name and their face. To figure out what the hell's going on when people start to drop like flies, it is left up to the authorities along with one genius and eccentric -- but in a cute way -- guy who goes by the name of "L". For those who will download it from VIZ: happy downloading! For those who want to wait, you may have a longish wait. Once a good english dub of the series is done, and it aires on television, let's all hope that either Adult Swim, IFC, or one of the Encore stations gets the rights to air it in it's entirety. I'll be one of the first to say it now: Death Note on Toonami is absolutely unacceptable, damnit! If that happens, it would be enough to make me take to the streets in protest!!....until I get tired and stop at the nearest StarBucks....after which I will return to the streets in protest with my White Chocolate Frappuccino blended crème, and my "Death Note on Toonami? HELL NO!" sign. //ANIMEOTA\\
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