Voltron Breaking Sales Predictions

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[b]Voltron Breaking Sales Predictions[/b] SEPT 16 2006 - According to [url=http://www.icv2.com/articles/home/9317.html]ICv2[/url] , [i] Voltron Collectors Tin One [/i] is setting sales records and trouncing expected sales projections. The Senior Vice-President of Sales, Barbara Herman, reports the first two days show that sales are 115% higher than expected. She added that the company, Media Blasters, expects even better news over the weekend. Herman tells the media, “We are certainly looking at a new release sales record for Media Blasters, surpassing our current first month top seller, Nickelodeon's [i]Invader Zim.[/i]” Media Blasters is reportedly on it’s second manufacturing run of [i]Voltron[/i] and hopes to get more on the shelves as soon as possible. -Animeota