Kiss at Midnight

Kiss at Midnight Kiss at Midnight
Main: Natori Nono, Ichijou Kasuomi
Genre: shoujo, drama, school life

Author: Aki Mochida

Online info:
Natori Nono is a very tough school-girl, her father’s dead and she lives with her mother Ayame and her younger brother Takumi in a very small apartment, where she makes the whole chores. Her boyfriend wants to have money from her, because he’s really poor, too (like Nono and her family).

But one day, Nono discovers, that her mother remarried! She married the owner of the firm ‘Ichijou Group’ named Ichijou Hayato.

Now, Nono lives there (in unaccustomend riches) with her mother, her brother, her stepfather AND her new stepbrother: Ichijou Kasuomi (his father calls him Omi-kun)!!! Kasuomi is… not nice, Nono thinks. What will happen next?

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