New manhwa (Korean manga) releases


From manhwaupdate

Daring Students Association Vol.1
The student council at a this school for sorcerers is always broke (largely due to a certain treasurer’s cosplay addiction), so they need to take on a few odd jobs… and ghost hunting tops the list!

Star Project Chiro Volume 3
Chiro finally makes her pop idol debut! However, the scheming Nan-Lee has to decided to market her not as a the girl she is… but as a boy!

Chronicles of the Grim Pedler Vol.1
Classic fairy tales meet the twilight zone in this twisted new series! In this volume the Grim Peddler toys with Hansel & Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and more!

Dorothy of Oz Vol.3
Meet Abee, codename: Scarecrow – a somewhat simple minded fellow with some amazing telekinetic powers. And then meet him again..and again…and again! It’s the attack of the clones in the latest chapters of the reimagined world of Oz!

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