Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer manga info.
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, Shounen, Sports
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Angelic Layer (Enjerikku Reiyā?), also called Battle Doll Angelic Layer (Kidō Tenshi Enjerikku Reiyā?), is an anime and manga series released by CLAMP.

The main character of Angelic Layer is Misaki Suzuhara, a seventh grader who just moved in to Tokyo in order to live with her aunt, Shouko Asami. After arriving in the city, she watches the battle doll Athena on a big screen television outside of Tokyo Station and becomes interested in learning about the amazingly popular toy called Angelic Layer, a game in which players (called Deus) buy and custom-design dolls known as Angels.

Angels can move by mental control when on a field called the "layer". Layers are very expensive, and most people pay to use them by the hour in establishments resembling cybercafes.

An eccentric man wearing a white lab coat and glasses, calling himself "Icchan" (Itchan), encourages Misaki to purchase and create her own angel. She names the angel Hikaru, after Hikaru Shidou from CLAMP’s Magic Knight Rayearth, because she wants the angel to be "a short girl, but strong and happy" like Hikaru and herself (it is implied that Rayearth is a fictional history in Angelic Layer’s world, and Misaki identifies herself with Hikaru).

Even though she’s clueless about the game, Misaki soon begins to compete in tournament, and is assisted and watched carefully by Icchan. Later Icchan’s identity is revealed as Ichiro Mihara, the co-creator of Angelic Layer.


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