Angelic Layer

<span class="itemPoster"> </span> <div class="itemBody"> <img src="" class="smartsection_item_image" alt="Angelic Layer" title="Angelic Layer" align="right" /> <div class="itemText"> <b> Angelic Layer</b> manga info.<br /> Genres: Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, Shounen, Sports </div> <div class="itemText">   </div> <div class="itemText">   </div> <div class="itemText"> <b>Online info:</b><br /> Angelic Layer (Enjerikku Reiyā?), also called Battle Doll Angelic Layer (Kidō Tenshi Enjerikku Reiyā?), is an anime and manga series released by CLAMP. <br /> </div> </div>



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