Addicted to Curry

<img src="" class="smartsection_item_image" alt="Addicted to Curry" title="Addicted to Curry" align="right" /><b> Addicted to Curry</b> <br /> Genres: Comedy , Ecchi, Shounen<br /> <br /> <b>Online info:</b><br /> Sonezaki Yui is in a quandary. Her family's curry shop, Ganesha, was failing for lack of customers, and now her father has disappeared, ostensibly on a quest to learn more about curry.

Sonezaki Yui – Daughter of Sonezaki Souichiro. Yui’s birthday is October 10, 1985. She is a 1st year at Toritsu Shinnet Highschool and is in the kendou club. Yui is the heroine of the manga.

Yui is a generally nice, mild mannered girl who will stop to feed a hungry animal (even bring it home). She sometimes can be short tempered and fragile. Her father owns a curry restaurant, but when the business fails he go to sharpen his curry cooking skills.

Despite the fact that her father abandoned her Yui still loves him and his curry cooking. When Yui meets Makito she teams up with him to save the restaurant. She tries to help Makito as much as possible and comes to admire and respect his ways.

Koenji Makito – A young man whose life was saved by Sonezaki Souichiro. Sonezaki promised to tell Makito about the person he was looking for if he come to Ganesha curry restaurant, but when Makito arrives there he finds that Souichiro has left because business was doing bad.

Makito decides to wait and repay Sonezaki by keeping open his Ganesha restaurant. Makito can cook curry just like Souichiro. Makito, unlike Souichiro, strays away from the traditional curry.

By doing this Makito attracts many customers and proves himself to be a shrewd cook. Makito prepares curry dishes quickly and easily. Makito also has a bad side to him and often tries to peep and/or grope women.

Sonezaki Souichiro – The father of Yui and the man who saved Makito from dying of hunger. He promised to tell Makito about the person he was looking for if he come to Ganesha restaurant. However, Souichiro leaves his restaurant and his daughter to improve his curry cooking abilities.

Sonzaki Hatsumi – Souichiro’s older brother’s daughter and the cousin of Yui. Hatsumi appears in vol one chapter 4. Hatsumi comes to the curry restaurant to check up on Yui, who was actually supposed to come live with her. Hatsumi reveals that she has no cooking talent and asks Yui to teach her to cook, but they both fail at making instant curry.

Shinozaki – A very large and beastly woman who frequently attend the Ganesha curry restaurant. She is beligerent and short tempered. Shinozaki attend to Aisen female college and is a wrestler.


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