High hopes for Soul Eater

Yesterday, I decided to finally watch anime again. I've seen reviews of so many new, interesting anime that I couldn't resist. Re-watching Bleach or Naruto is the biggest no-no for an action-loving chick like me, because they suck you in and they seem to have no intention of ever ending (-_-;). So, I searched for something new, maybe something that was still airing. And then… I found Soul Eater. When I first read the summary, I was a bit doubtful… but now I blame it on whoever wrote said summary. Because after seeing the 12 first episodes, I can't help but wonder, why didn't I watch it before?

The new style at first, was a little hard to get used to, but now I'm in love with it. It's refreshing and makes this show even more unique than it is. It starts off with 3 prologues, each of them introducing a new Meister and a new Weapon (in the case of Liz and Patty, the twins – weapons). And I was sucked into the story as soon as I saw the humorous antics as Maka and Soul took on Blair. Not to mention Shinigami-sama's cutsie outfit or Maka's papa's crazy personality. And then Black Star's Naruto-like qualities and Death The Kid's OCD just adds to the fun. The action scenes are incredible, better than in Naruto or Bleach. The dialogue is sharp and to the point, but still has depth in it and the jokes are actually funny enough to make me snicker.

So now, I'm anxiously waiting for the next episode to be subbed, so I can see if this show can keep up with the high standard it has set for itself. I just hope, it will continue with it's half-serious, half-humorous plot-line and that the fights stay as great as they are now.

Some of my many favorite moments so far:

Maka and Soul's fight with Blair. 


Each time Death The Kid's OCD takes a hold xD His obsession with symmetry never ceases to make me snicker.



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