Watching Saiunkoku Monogatari

Oh man! A female character that isn’t an airhead, nor is she chasing some guy around like crazy sticking her boobs in his face or making it her life’s work to become his wife! She’s not some man-hating femme either. I haven’t seen a whole lot of anime YET, but this is one of the smartest, cutest series I’ve seen so far. [img][/img] One of the main characters is Shuurei. She’s a school teacher who is thrown into a different type of existence. She had a rough childhood because of the way all of the people of the town were suffering while the emperor’s thrown was being fought over. Anyway, I don’t want to spoil it for those reading this, but i’ll just say that a lot of the comedy revolves around the behavior of the male characters. They are, almost all of them without fail, totally incredible. Their skill is without question. It is their own personal lives that just trips you out! [img][/img] There’s this one guy that wears a mask all day and all night. And he has different masks he wears at different times. But he’s not a ‘silly man’ or anything. He’s brilliant and very well respected despite his eccentric way. [img][/img] Then there is the eccentric younger brother of Shogun Ran. He walks around blowing a flute…terribly. He’s incredibly gifted as well. [img][/img] There’s the emperor, Ryuuki (CUTIE PIE) who has been so sheltered. There’s so many things he’s not aware of. At the beginning, everybody thinks he’s into men because he doesn’t have a harem of women. I won’t go any further so I won’t spoil it for you. He’s highly skilled as well, he just needed the direction that Shuurei provides. You’ll have to watch to see if these two get together or if she chooses Seiran. [img][/img] Speaking of which, Seiran (CUTIE PIE) is *Highlight for spoiler* the older brother of Ryuuki who was exiled while he was still young, seemingly for no other reason than people wanting to get him out of the way. He was taken in by Shuurei’s father, where he lives to this day. There’s nothing really silly happening to him, as far as I’ve seen though. [img][/img] And then there’s the tutor who teaches everyone, including Shuurei, about history and facts. He’s the Assistant Secretary of Civil Affairs. He has absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever. There’s even a part where they joke about him getting lost in his own house! Of course, he’s brilliant too. I haven’t seen it all yet, but I’m loving it so far! What do you think about it? Discuss it here!

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