Princess Princess

Princess Princess

Princess Princess

Princess Princess anime info
Main: Toru, Mikoto, Fujimori, Yujirou
Genres: Cross-dressing, Comedy, Shades of shounen-ai
My Comments:
I really enjoyed watching this anime series. It is filled with cute guys (the main and supporting characters). I found the premise of the story itself it just be totally hilarious: the ‘pretty’ boys in the school being recruited to dress up like girls to keep up the morale of the other male students.

That’s intially why I wanted to watch it. There are no ‘yaoi’ scenes in this one by the way.

However, I really got into the story itself because of the character development (not much but some) presented and the comedy aspect of it. You get to understand the motives of some of the characters for agreeing to be a “Princess” in an all-boys school.

Plus the pink haired boy, Mikoto, provides a lot of the comedic aspect of the series because he really doesn’t want to dress up like a girl, and he has a girlfriend whom he is deathly afraid will find out that he’s wearing girls clothes in an all-boy’s school.

Online info:
Princess Princess (プリンセス・プリンセス, Purinsesu Purinsesu?) is the title of a fictional series written and illustrated by Japanese author Mikiyo Tsuda about the lives of three high school boys and the school they attend.

Princess Princess is a story revolving around the lives of three boys chosen to dress up as girls at the all-boy school they attend, which also just happens to be the most elite school in the area.

The main protagonist, Tà ru Kouno, has just transferred to a new all-boys school, Fujimori, after living with his uncle for a time. He is one such boy chosen to be one of the “Hime” (姫, “Hime”?) or “Princess”, which is a bizarre tradition in order to break up the monotony of life surrounded by nothing but males. Students (based on certain qualifications) are selected to be Princesses and are made to dress up as girls (usually in Lolita fashion) and attend school functions like this.

At the beginning of the story, there are already two such Princesses, Yà «jirou Shihoudani and Mikoto Yutaka, known as the Western Princess and Eastern Princess respectively, due to their room location. Tà ru is convinced into becoming a Princess soon after entering the school though once he accepted the job, he found it to be much more enjoyable than he thought.



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