Winter Cicada

Winter Cicada

Winter Cicada

Winter Cicada
Genres: Yaoi, Shounen-ai, Romance, Drama, Historical, Mature, 18+
ANIMEota Writeup

Winter Cicada is a long form movie, in 3 OVAs, which revolve around the complicated relationship between Kusaka Touma (a Chousou retainer) and Akizuki Keiichirou (Bakufu).

Each belong to organizations which are at odds with each other. However, they both share the same ideas about opening up Japan to the rest of the world.

Kusaka Touma belongs to the organization whose purpose is to expell and keep foreigners out of Japan.

This is in direct opposition to his beliefs. He, like Keiichirou, seeks to learn english and experience different cultures.

It just so happens that Keiichirou is from a well to do family and is learning English. So he secretly meets and shares his teachings with the eager and peace-loving Touma.

It’s during this time that Touma Kusaka starts to develop strong feelings for Keiichirou Akizuki. He notices that he’s fallen completely in love with the gentle but determined and forward-thinking Keiichirou.

Life gets in their way as the paths they choose to take only seem to take them further from each other.

Nobody feels this more than Touma, as he pines away for Keiichirou from his part of the world: “I need you to be alive…As long as you’re alive, my wish can come true.”

The name ‘Winter Cicada’ may sound familiar. It’s taken from the name of the movie which Iwaki stars.

Iwaki is a character who is an actor from the yaoi anime Haru wo Daiteita. So the creator literally pulled the name from one of the movies Iwaki stars in, and created an OVA out of it. Thus, reportedly, when you’re watching the Winter Cicada OVAs, you’re watching an anime based on the movie in Haru wo Daiteita. That make sense?? I’m not too sure. LOL!

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