Tsuki no Hikari Hoshi no Michi

av2_tsukinohikarihoshinomichiTsuki no Hikari Hoshi no Michi
The Moonlight and the Way of the Stars

Genre: yaoi, romance, mature, 18+, oneshots
Main: Iriya

Author: Lee

Online info:
A collection of oneshots revolving around a red haired man, Iriya. All his life he was discriminated against and called a demon because of his hair color.

1. Innocent Eyes: Iriya becomes the tutor for the crown prince of a kingdom, who actually says his hair is pretty…
2. The Moonlight and the Way of Stars (Tsuki no Hikari Hoshi no Michi): Trouble in the palace.
3. The Beast Who Sees a Dream at Night (Three chapters): Adventures…
Source: B-U

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