Koutetsu Sangokushi

Koutetsu Sangokushi

Koutetsu Sangokushi
Genre: Shades of shounen-ai, Action, Adventure, Historical

ANIMEOTA Write-up:
Koutetsu Sangokushi is an incredible and complex anime set in a world where things like a Sovereign Seal can exist.

People desire the power of the Sovereign Seal (S.S.) and use it to start wars and live destructive lives. The problem is that the S.S. takes over the mind and heart of its user, leading to destruction and causing the innocent to suffer.

Meanwhile, the Six Steeds develop into an incredible force all for the sake of the people of Go and it’s ruler, Souken-sama.

The only hope to fight back against the misguided intentions of those who seek the S.S.’s power is found in the form of Riku.

He is the chosen one who can bring about the ultimate light to save the world if he can get over his intense feelings of loneliness and inadequacy.

Riku’s master, Koumei, is both a shining light and a heavy burden to Riku. Exactly whose side is Koumei on and what are his true intentions?

Make no mistake about it, however. This is not your average ‘good guy comes in to save the day just in time’. Be prepared to cry throughout the anime series.

Two small points: I love the opening song for the anime. What I also found interesting about the anime is that many of the male characters of power – masters of their various lands – look female; note Souken-sama and Ryuubi-dono and even Koumei though he’s not the ruler of anything.

(Japanese Voice actors noted)
Hakugen Rikuson
Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano

Shimei Ryomou
Voice Actor: Akira Ishida

Kouha Kannei
Voice Actor: Junichi Suwabe

Shigi Taishiji
Voice Actor: Kentarou Itou

Shiyu Shoukatsukin
Voice Actor: Kouji Yusa

Kouseki Ryoutou
Voice Actor: Mitsuki Saiga

Koumei Shoukatsuryou
Voice Actor: Takehito Koyasu


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