Legend of Duo

Legend of Duo

Legend of Duo

Legend of Duo anime info
Main: Zeig
Genres: Shades of shounen-ai, Drama, Supernatural, Vampire
My comments:
Never has so much “story” been packed into so little time. I have to say that even though the episodes aren’t longer than about 5 minutes each, it’s rather interesting despite the length.

If you’re looking for a full blown vampire series, then this ain’t it. This story deals with the pursuit of Duo by Zeig and with Zeig’s feelings and past with Duo. Even I haven’t finished watching all the parts yet (There’s about 12). But I looking forward to seeing how the anime ends.

Online info:
In 2000s, human beings have lost their ‘plana’, which are essential for living thing. It means that human species is going to die. However, a vampire saves human beings from extinction by revealing the secret of ‘plana’.

In a mythical era, there was a god who was punished eternally because he had brought the fire to the human beings. Like him, the vampire will be punished because he breaks the taboo to tell the secret of ‘plana’ to human beings. That vampire is “Duo”, and the vampire who has to punish him is “Zieg”. But their connection is far deeper than what meets the eye.

Source: Anime News Network / Animeota




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