Bitansan Ekisu


<p><img class=" alignright size-full wp-image-1270" style="float: right;" alt="av2_bitansanekisu" src="" height="236" width="162" /><span class="releasestitle tabletitle"><strong>Bitansan Ekisu</strong><br /></span>微炭酸エキス<br />Bitankan Extract<br />Main: Yasuomi, Hibikitani, Sakakibara, Oonuma<br />Released: 2007</p> <p>Genres: yaoi, romance, comedy, mature, vampire, salaryman, dorm, 18+, oneshot<br /><br /><strong>Author:</strong> Atsuyo Fuzuki</p>

av2_bitansanekisuBitansan Ekisu
Bitankan Extract
Main: Yasuomi, Hibikitani, Sakakibara, Oonuma
Released: 2007

Genres: yaoi, romance, comedy, mature, vampire, salaryman, dorm, 18+, oneshot

Author: Atsuyo Fuzuki


01 Essence of Fine Carbonic Acid– Yasuomi is the descendant of a vampire clan, but hates the taste of blood, so he takes essence in the form of kisses (Virgins preferred). When Shige met Yasuomi at a goukon, he had no idea what he was in for, and now Yasuomi won’t leave. But is Shige just a food source?

02 A Temporary Contract With Him– Hibikitani is a mediocre salesman whose envious of his super elite new boss Sakakibara. Being upbraided by Sakakibara, an annoyed Hibikitani promises a better sales performance in exchange for a night with him, and to his surprise Sakakibara agrees!

03 The Legendary Inhabitant Room– Oonuma is one of the few students spending the holidays at the dorm. But he gets to spend more time with his roommate, Teraiwa. Unfortunately the dorm, and especially Oonuma’s room is plagued with rumors of ghosts, and Teraiwa is very mysterious sometimes…

04 Restraint– Overly emotional Shizuka and calm and cool Manabu are a couple that’s always fighting about something, but the heat of an argument can turn into something else very quickly!

05 The Stars That Fall in the City– Businessman Wakamiya is interested in no strings attached sexual relationships now that he’s in his old age. When adorable younger man Soeda enters his life, he finds it hard to resist him. But Soeda is loud, and bold for his cute appearance, will the contrast be too much for Wakamiya?

06 A Cruel Man– An older uke supervisor and his young seme subordinate share an intensely physical connection with a dark twist…


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