Koi no Tsumeato

Koi no Tsumeato Koi no Tsumeato
Main: Kou, Ao, Mikuni
Genre: Yaoi, romance, drama, triangle, Mature, 18+

Scanlator: doki-doki

Online info:
Kou and his lover Ao have been together for years, but that doesn’t stop Kou from cheating on his lover whenever he’s had a bit too much to drink

Ao, deeply in love and infinitely forgiving, always takes him back… but for how long?

Tada Mikuni is totally Kou’s type… and it doesn’t hurt that he’s an amazing chef! But when a case of mistaken identity lands them in the sack for a one-night stand, the two of them find out they hate just about everything about each other and never want to see each other again. Unfortunately, they’re forced together again when Mikuni agrees to stand-in as the chef on a tv show for Kou’s agency.

Meanwhile, Ao knows something that neither of them realizes: it seems they’ve met before



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