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Durarara on Adult Swim in June 2011

Fans of Durarara!! will either rejoice or recoil in fear (if the English dub isn’t up to par) over the news that the series will air on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) in June.
Aniplex says the 26 episode long anime will air during their Saturday night block of programming.  If that ain’t good enough for you, Adult Swim’s website will stream episodes on their site after the television run.

Durarara is about a boy, Mikado, who wants an exciting life but gets into various situations during his journey as he moves to a school in Ikebukuro.  After getting warnings from his friend Masaomi about who to avoid, Mikado witnesses “urban legends” in action changing his life forever.

Fans over at the AnimeNewsNetwork forums appear to be excited about it.  ohstalon06 wrote, “Thank GOD!  Now I don’t have to pay those ridiculous Aniplex DVD prices to watch this…” . LOL!

Kenpachi 91 wrote, “I love durarara!! but not a fan of the dub”, causing some concern for those who haven’t yet watched it.  Tuxedocat wrote, “I hope this does well on TV. That would be great!!”

Apollo-kun’s and walw6pK4Alo’s comments were also directed at Adult Swim.  Apollo-kun wrote, “ADULT SWIM IS DOING SOMETHING RIGHT AGAIN!”  And walw6pK4Alo’s comment speaks to the cynic in all of us: “And then they’ll cancel it after episode 4, or continually change its timeslot so no one can remember when it’s on.” Ouch.

SaiyanHero16 was a little happier about AS’s decision to show it, writing “I love you AdultSwim! I can’t wait!”

Here’s to hoping it has a good run on AS so they can start to show more anime and less… whatever the *bleep* they’ve been showing instead.

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