Kaiji Sequel Replaces Scene

The creators of Kaiji (Gyakkyo Burai: Kaiji) have cut a scene out of the sequel in light of the devastating earthquake and tsunami.  The scene in question depicts Kaiji in a rushing torrent of water.  The people involved just didn’t think it was the right time to show something like that.

According to ANN, The NTV Producer Toshio Nakatani stated, “The depiction in the original work would have been wonderful to shoot, but to animate and air it during these times would have been hurtful to some. We need to have consideration when expressing some things.”

On a sidenote, the heart stopping drama Kaiji has a sequel!  Kaiji is one of the more addictive animes I’ve seen, and the ending (or what I thought was the ending) left you wanting to know more.Â

Imagine being on a ship where if you don’t win your freedom, you are almost certainly sold to someone else because of your massive debt.  And on top of that, you can’t really trust any of the guys there with you.

Those who are desperate after racking up an unimaginable debt find themselves at the mercy of immoral fat cats.  It is a high risk gambling anime that sets Kaiji in these nail biting situations which he has to overcome. The original was highly enjoyable.  I hope the sequel provides the same type of rollercoaster ride.

The sequel reportedly began airing April 5 2011.

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