August 11 2010 Anime Broadcasts

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

02:30AM IFC Speed Grapher "Audit the Wicked"
04:30AM TOONC Spider Riders "Reunions"
07:00AM TOON Bakugan "Phantom Data Attack"
08:00AM THIS Spider Riders "Because I'm A Warrior"
TOON Pokemon: DP Galactic Battle "Trials and Adulations"
12:05PM YTV Pokemon: DP Galactic Battle "Stealing the Conversation"
03:00PM TOONC Bakugan "Showdown in Wardington"
06:30PM BOOM Pokemon "Control Freak!"
08:30PM DXD Naruto: Shippuden "Infiltration: The Den of the Snake!"
10:00PM UTB Lupin the Third "The Dance to Death"
11:00PM DXD Naruto: Shippuden "The Secret of the Battle!"
IATV Mai Hime
11:30PM IATV Scrapped Princess

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