August 10 2010 Anime Broadcasts

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

12:00AM SYFY Gundam 00 "Return of the Saint"
TOONR ThunderCats "Mongor"
12:30AM SYFY Gundam 00 "Dawn of Determination"
01:00AM SC2 Monster "Lunge's Trap"
02:30AM IFC Speed Grapher "Hell Is a Wet Woman"
04:30AM TOONC Spider Riders "Grasshop's Misfortunes"
07:00AM TOON Bakugan "Exodus"
08:00AM THIS Spider Riders "Hero Act"
TOON Pokemon: DP Galactic Battle "Pursuing a Lofty Goal"
12:05PM YTV Pokemon: DP Galactic Battle "Another One Gabites the Dust"
03:00PM TOONC Bakugan "R Is For Revenge"
06:30PM BOOM Pokemon "The Poke Spokesman"
10:00PM UTB Lupin the Third "Will You Marry Me?"
11:00PM DXD Naruto: Shippuden "Sakura's Tears"

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