August 6 2010 Anime Broadcasts

Friday, August 6, 2010

02:00AM IATV Kurokami "Confrontation"
02:30AM IFC Speed Grapher "Ginza the Lawless"
04:30AM TOONC Spider Riders "Paradise"
07:00AM NIKTON Dragon Ball Z Kai "Power Up, Krillin! Frieza's Mounting Apprehension!"
TOON Bakugan "Ambush"
07:30AM NIKTON Dragon Ball Z Kai "The Scheme Is Shattered! Vegeta Strikes Back at Zarbon!"
08:00AM THIS Spider Riders "Return of a Friend"
TOON Pokemon: DP Galactic Battle "The Drifting Snorunt"
12:05PM YTV Pokemon: DP Galactic Battle "Cheers on Castaways Isle"
12:30PM YTV Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's "A Web of Deceit"
02:00PM NIKTON Dragon Ball Z Kai "Prologue to Battle! The Return of Goku!"
02:30PM NIKTON Dragon Ball Z Kai "The Enemy Is Goku's Brother! The Secret of the Mighty Saiyan Warriors!"
03:00PM NIKTON Dragon Ball Z Kai "A Life or Death Battle! Goku and Piccolo's Desperate Attack!"
TOONC Bakugan "The One Hit Wonders"
03:30PM NIKTON Dragon Ball Z Kai "Run in the Afterlife! The One Million Mile Snake Way!"
06:30PM BOOM Pokemon "Sick Daze"
09:00PM NIKTON Dragon Ball Z Kai "Wilderness Survival! A Moonlit Night Awakens Gohan!"
09:30PM NIKTON Dragon Ball Z Kai "The End of Snake Way! King Kai's Bizarre Test!"
10:00PM UTB Lupin the Third "Killer is Coming Silently"
11:00PM DXD Naruto: Shippuden "The Top-Secret Mission Begins"

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