Watching Saint Seiya = Awesomeness lol!

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I'm finally watching Saint Seiya (original) Woot! The first thing I noticed was how gory it sometimes is! They show the blood dripping from the characters' bodies, the gory attacks and everything

ANIMEOTA – I’m finally watching Saint Seiya (original) Woot!  The first thing I noticed was how gory it sometimes is! They show the blood dripping from the characters’ bodies, the gory attacks and everything.

I mean, I’ve seen an anime character stick his hand through somebody’s chest as the blood spurts out. Eeeww! LOL  But don’t let that turn you off.

There seems to be messages behind this anime. There’s the message of discrimination in The Sanctuary when the Holy Father’s brother gains power (I don’t think that’s much of a spoiler).

There’s a twist on the good vs evil theme with each group of “Saints” deciding to either be on the side of “good” (ex Bronze Saints)or to be lead by the evil power that’s running the Sanctuary (ex. Silver Saints)

There’s the underlying story of those with power, like Athena’s grandfather, being in some way involved in this world; the ‘old rich guy with resources’ situation.

The Sanctuary, of course, is where the Saints are trained and where ‘Saint Cloths’ are won by the hardest, most skilled fighters.   Its where Seiya was awarded his Pegasus Cloth when the Sanctuary used to be controlled by a benevolent ruler.

The most interesting character I’ve run across so far would probably be Misty, a Silver Saint sent to do battle with Seiya and his friends.  Because I’m a yaoi girl, it was hilarious to see this character.

He looked like a woman but was definitely a man. You know how you’ll know?  Because that narcissist gets butt naked and washes himself in the middle of battle.  Yep.   You read right. Here’s a screencap:

SaintSeiyaMistyep24 01
And that’s exactly what he was saying WHILE he was… washing himself: “Oh God, I’m Beautiful”. WTF? lol

I’m only on episode 28 out of 114 so I’m sure I’ll have mooooore to say about how the story develops.   But I can’t believe this is the first time I’m actually seeing the proper, original story.

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