August 16 2008 Anime Broadcasts

Looking for anime to watch on TV? Here’s the list of anime coming on U.S. and Canadian stations for August 16 2008:

All times U.S. Eastern time

Saturday, August 16, 2008

12:00AM IATV Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot
12:30AM TOONDISNEY Digimon "The Royal Knights Assemble!"
TOONDS Digimon "The Royal Knights Assemble!"
01:30AM TOONL Naruto
02:00AM IFC Speed Grapher "The Roppongi Crisis"
TOONL Dragonball
02:30AM IFC Gunslinger Girl "Protezione"
03:00AM TOONL Rave Master
03:30AM TOONL Rave Master
04:00AM TOONDISNEY Shinzo "Reptiles"
TOONDS Shinzo "Reptiles"
05:00AM IATV The Law of Ueki
05:30AM IATV The Law of Ueki
TOON Inuyasha "Enter Shippo Plus, the Amazing Thunder Brothers"
06:00AM IATV Kyoh Kara Machi
06:30AM IATV Kyoh Kara Machi
TOONDISNEY Digimon "Jerks and the Beanstalk"
TOONDS Digimon "Jerks and the Beanstalk"
07:00AM STRZ2 Black Lagoon "The Vampire Twins Comen"
08:00AM FOX Di-Gata Defenders "The Road Less Travelled"
09:00AM TOON Pokemon: DP Battle Dimension "Enter Galactic"
09:30AM NIKTON Speed Racer: The Next Generation "The Low Price of Fame"
TOON Pokemon: DP Battle Dimension "The Bells Are Singing"
10:00AM FOX Sonic X "The Last Resort"
10:30AM TOON Transformers Animated "Along Came a Spider"
11:00AM FOX Kirby: Right Back at Ya! "Sheepwrecked"
IATV The Law of Ueki
TOON Bakugan "Trust Me"
YTV Transformers Animated "Lost and Found"
11:30AM IATV The Law of Ueki
SPACE Robotech "First Contact"
YTV Transformers Animated "Survival of the Fittest"
12:00PM IATV Kyoh Kara Machi
YTV Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl "Glory Blaze"
12:20PM TV JAPAN Case Closed
12:30PM IATV Kyoh Kara Machi
01:00PM TNT Aeon Flux
TNTHD Aeon Flux
TOONL Dragonball Z
01:30PM TOONL Naruto
02:00PM TOONL Transformers
02:35PM STRZ2 Black Lagoon
05:00PM IATV The Law of Ueki
05:30PM IATV The Law of Ueki
06:00PM IATV Kyoh Kara Machi
06:30PM IATV Kyoh Kara Machi
08:00PM YTV Dragon Ball Z "The Arrival of Raditz"
09:00PM TOON Naruto "Mystery of the Targeted Merchants"
TOONL Naruto
YTV Zatch Bell "Dr. Riddles' Renewed Vow"
09:30PM TOON Naruto "Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools"
YTV Bleach "Episode 57"


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